Americans & other people who are

 in the muslim areas where

radical muslims exsists,you need to get away from them now

separate yourselves from evil people.Leave from them,But  

Not in  a fearful way,but in a wise way!


Americans need to come back to America!

Do not be around these people who

have given themselves over to the devil,


they are no more for The real God then the demons of hell! all people

 need to be wise and not tolerate their actions and not be around them

in any way.I speak only of the radical muslims who have lost their mind & soul to evil.

Is there hope for these people? Jesus died for all people,there is hope if they

turn from their evil ways and pray


and seek the true God for themselves and be delivered by the power of God through  Jesus Christ!

They need our prayers,but for now i also want to warn you to stay away from these people.

And Americans come home,our troops- everyone!! come back to America,

This is where you need to be.God bless you all ,and God be with you on your way back.

And let you arrive safe

and sure.In Jesus Name!



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