Brutal People

Muslim's Stoning Young Girl To Death..VERY GRAPHIC!

These people are  so eager to take
part in something like this.yet all we hear from the US media is how
awful America is and how we need to allow every different culture in so they
can practice their beliefs here openly and freely and make us a better
place.Not hardly!

They enjoy killing. 

Thou shall not kill isn't part of their beliefs.

 How would
anyone feel justified in thinking this was okay. Satan is on the attack -
cunningly slithering his way across the globe through

"so called peace-just not so! we need to pray and help these women & children

-let these lunatic men fight it out and kill each other!
These are Muslims that are simply practicing Sharia Law.

Their hate & evil is not welcomed here! we will defeat them by the power of the real God ! 

They also do these acts to try to gain control and place fear in people.

 they need to be wipe out! if they see their only reason for living is to kill and harm people,, we should not

 allow other people of any nation to be treated so horribly!

America! defend & protect! our country & bring those in bondage to evil out! the way i see it ,is they do not need women & children if they think they have a right to abuse them.Get the women & children out if any way possible.

 muslims" administer Sharia Law to a young girl that didn't want to
marry an old man, arranged by her family...The "weak stomach" and "tolerant"
people are the very ones that should have to watch these barbaric pigs
deliver their kind of justice...Maybe then the "tolerant" among us would
change from apathy to action against the Islamic leaders that want to
establish Sharia Law in our Country...

Islamic Sharia Law
must not be allowed to have even a

minuscule influence in our court

Islam has targeted the United States as the number one objective to bring

Do something, anything you can to stop this assault...


 thank God for the country you have and then be determined to keep it
free.Free from them also!

   For our leadership to grovel to the people who support this. 
  For the people of this country to be so
apathetic and complacent with the encroachment of this sickening system of
law is even more sickening.

Horrible people  doing their thing with their fellow
human beings.  For them to keep pulling her skirt down while her head is
turned to a bloody pulp...excuse me, I am at a loss of words!

The young girl in this video was sentenced to death by an ISLAMIC
Court because she did not want to marry an old man the family arranged for
her!  This is NOT Al Qaeda or the Taliban, but MUSLIMS following SHARIA LAW!
These are the same people who want to build a mosque across from Ground
Zero, where they killed 3,000 on 9/11.


Here is the  video showing how demonic and heartless

these people are!



Iraq: Muslims murder another Christian in Mosul



Will the Islamophobia never end? "Iraq: Christian killed in northern city of Mosul," from AKI, March 17 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

Baghdad, 17 March (AKI) - Masked gunmen on Wednesday shot dead an Iraqi Christian in the northern city of Mosul, the Assyrian Christian website reported. The city has been at the centre of a number of attacks targeting Christians in recent months.

Yaqub Adam, a 54-year-old father was hit by a hail of bullets fired from a pistol with a silencer. He was murdered near the shop where he worked as a glassmaker.

It was the first Christian killing since Iraq's national elections on 7 March and came less than a week after 122 Christian families returned to Mosul, the capital of Nineveh province.

Around 800 families had left their homes in Mosul in the past few months to seek safety in villages in the surrounding province, Mosul's bishop Monsignor Emil Shimoun Nona, told Adnkronos International (AKI).

Over 40 Christians have been killed in Mosul in the past three months in bomb and gun attacks in a resurgence of the violence which killed 40 Christians and caused more than 12,000 to flee in 2008....


Radical Muslims are murders! Using their

form of so called religion to back up the blood

thristy ways which are satanic!

Nothing holy! nothing good


whatsoever! This is not of God by no! means!

Jews & Christians do not seek to kill people,


we seek to live in peace & obey God & help each other!

 Radical Muslims are  lost & hell bound without

the true & living God,They are blinded by their

own desires to kill,as if they have nothing better


 to do with their life! They need to pray & seek

 the true God &  get free from these ungodly

 spirits which possess them and use them to do evil.


What they need to see is that Jews & christians

 are not this way!  would not  Many of muslims be dead also?

 If Christians & Jews thought like Radical Muslims.. 


Not only are radical muslims blood thristy-

They can not discern the truth-But God said

 in the last days He would turn people


 over to a reprobate mind who refuse to come

 to Him.Reprobate is when people get a set mind to live in

their ungodly ways & God rejects them and lets them go!

believe me you do not want this to happen.


Christians & Jews do serve the

true God! our God does not teach us to seek

 to kill and bring harm! wake up!

Seek the truth.Islam is not!! The truth!!


You serve the devil not God-these are acts of the

devil not the true God of Heaven & Earth.


God Him self will come against you for your evil

 against America & His people! He will devour

 you & you will be no more!


 God has gave

 you space to repent and you have refused!

 Seek Him while He can be found or

 die in your sins & blindness.IJN




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