You want to help your problem with muslims and the building of mosques on our

holy grounds,here is some ideas-PIGS! they think they should not eat them ,

 touch them or be anywhere around them,there is your choice-pigs or radical

muslims, keep praying to a true Holy God in heaven who sent His son Jesus

into the world to live and die and He rose again and will come back

to earth again! praise His name! read below.

In Spain ... at Sevilla

Some local people found a way to stop the construction of another
mosque in their town ...

They burried a Pig on the site, making sure this would be known by the
local press...

The Islamic rules forbiding to erect a Mosque on "Pig soiled ground".

The moslems had to cancel the project ... this land was sold to them by
government officials...

No protests were needed by the local people ... and It worked !!!
you might like to start walking pet belly pigs around new york where they

are yelling out hate speeches.
tie a big pretty bow around it and go!!! :)




take care! and win! the battle wisely!

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