Obama & Muslim Brotherhood project


 Here I will offer evidence that

 Barack Hussein Obama

 was accepted into &  financed through

 Harvard and into the White House with

 the help of "The Muslim Brotherhood".



 Using false claims of Racism etc.


 Democratic leadership

 have sought  in covering

this information up and ridiculing those who

look into it.


 The United States of America

 has now fulfilled a key goal of Sheik Al Bani,

 founder of al Ikhwan


 (the Muslim Brotherhood)


 by electing a member of the Project as president

 of these United States!


This is not racism, bigotry etc.

 Obama's race is completely irrelevant

to me. As Caliph of the United States

Obama's first TV interview was with

al Arabiya TV and his first acts included

 sending envoys to oversee the eventual

destruction of Israel, if he is successful.


this video that was placed here was

removed.Not by yolasite.By those who did

not want you to see it.



Khalid Al-Mansour, a Black Muslim and

Black Nationalist with direct ties to the

Saudi Royal family and the Egyptian base


 of the Muslim Brotherhood used his

 influence, his money and his clout to

 get Obama in and through Harvard.


You don't think they expect to be repaid

 handsomely for their services to his career!

Consider the following.


    ...Obama has refused to instruct Harvard Law School to release

     any information about his time there as a student, or about his student loans....

    At the time, Harvard cost around $25,000 a year, or $75,000 for

    the three years that Obama attended.


    And as president of the

    Harvard Law Review, he received no stipend from the school,

    Harvard spokesman Mike Armini said.


    That is considered a volunteer position," Armini said. "There is no

    salary or grant associated with it.

    So if the figures cited by the Obama campaign for the Senator's

    student loans are accurate, that means that Obama came up with

    more than $32,000 over three years from sources other than loans

    to pay for tuition, room and board.


    Where did he find the money?

     Did it come from friends of Khalid Al Mansour?

    And why would a radical Muslim activist with ties to the Saudi royal

    family be raising money for Barack Obama?


    That's the question the Obama campaign still won't answer...



    The Muslim Brotherhood Project:

    A Plan To Take Over The West–

    U.S. “Leadership” Is Helping Them


                              Hello! Out! There! Are you Waking Up Yet!

             Or are you going to wait till the wolf is at your door!

                             We have one in the White House!


     Know what is happening , Be informed ,Be

    prepared ,they will

     be defeated !websites to look at only to inform

     everyone of

     how these people are-Im in no way

     promoting  garbage-I think it is best to know

     then not know,

     when it comes to savage type minds

     against America.


    These websites-Have some issues

     which are  very disturbing

     be ready for this when you look

     at any of these websites.

      tip..clear your Internet history

      & cookies afterwards.












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