Muslim Association of Hawaii, Honolulu

 Muslim Association of Hawaii, 1935 Aleo Pl, Honolulu, HI 96822

The founding members tried to promote fundraisers to open an Islamic Center in Hawaii.

According to the Star Bulletin writer Nadine W. Scott, James Abdullah Roushey stated

that he met with the prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahad Al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia and


"was rejoiced to learn theprince [was] interested in constructing not only

a mosque, but educational and cultural buildings, restaurants, shops and a theather

in the Islamic Center" (January 12, 1979). The prince was affiliated, according to the

article, with the United Establishment for Trading Co. of Saudi Arabia.



a handful of Hawaii's Muslims know who is the anonymous benefactor, a Saudi businessman,

that donated money to purchase a mosque and a cemitery for Hawaii's Muslims.

The benefactor's wishes is to remain anonymous and there are reports that he

still visits Manoa's mosque during his trips to Hawaii.


The Manoa mosque was purchased in Manoa between 1979 and 1980.

The reason for the location of the purchase was the closeness to the

University of Hawaii and its facing to the Kaaba, according to Farook Wang.


The reason to be a house was to generate revenues from renting portions of the building.

On April 28, 1983, Makhdoom Shah created a liason between the Hawaii's

Muslim community and the Muslims in the military by recognizing PFC


Tyrone James (Abdul Shakur Ali) of Schofield Barracks as the first Muslim contact person for the military.

The Incorporation (MSA) was involuntary dissolved on November 30, 1990

due to delinquency in re-registering with Hawaii's Business Registration Division.

 (Hawaii State Archives/Government Records Collection Hawaii Corporations


 (Dissolved) Case Files [series 158] Muslim Students Association of Hawaii, Inc.,

 File no. 40625D2 [1990 MFL 81]).


The Muslim Association of Hawaii (MAH) was incorporated on February 04, 1997.

The officers were as president Nizar Hassan, Vice-president Nafez Hasan,

Treasurer Ather Dar, General Secretary Anwar Kazi and as Social Secretary Lionel E. Price.



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