Barack Obama Welcomes ILLegals

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Barack Obama fails those who are in the business of reporting immigration stance.

In other words, Obama aids illegals. He consistently works hard for those who break the law.

Example: Obama has voted for amnesty for aliens.

He voted "in favor of giving illegal aliens further rewards and other incentives

 to come such as in-state tuition, educational benefits, welfare, and health care

 services" per Immigration Stance.

In addition, Obama has worked to increase illegals' statistics by having their

relatives come to America where the latter learn with more precision how to break America's law.

This is The Boy who promises the New Heaven and New Earth to America.

This is the "inspirational" speaker who hypnotizes his audiences.


This is the magnet who draws to his heart weeping women enthralled by his smooth tongue.

Yet we are to expect The Boy to bring justice to the nation while aggressively working for lawbreakers?

Immigration Stance reports: "Once an immigrant is legally here they can send home to

 bring in more adults from their family such as parents, siblings and adult children.


"That legal immigrant can then bring in more family members directly related to them.

 This is called chain migration and Barack Obama wants it to continue.

"Chain migration has exponential growth and is the primary cause of the 4-fold

increase in immigration to this country since 1960.


In addition, " Barack Obama has voted for increases in permanent and

temporary foreign work visas such as the H1-B. All too often these work visa

programs are abused by employers and used to get lower cost workers into this

country rather than hiring American workers.


"For the foreign worker it is common to see them not return to their home

 country and remain here on an expired visa.

"Overall,  Barack Obama has a poor record when it comes to immigration reform.

" Barack Obama actively encourages more illegal immigration to our

 country and is in our opinion a threat to this nation.

As well as the other things he is doing against America.Stop him!



Obama’s immigration positions:

  • Make 12 million illegal immigrants citizens
  • Stop raiding employers looking for illegal aliens
  • It’s not worthwhile to round up and deport them
  • Calls for searchable national database of all citizens

Brilliant strategy! Let’s make 12 million people who snuck in this country illegally into citizens.

I thought politicians were supposed to “Make us better”, not make things worse?

If we’re really looking for 12 million new citizens, why not select the best and the

brightest from around the world and deport the scofflaws who snuck across the border?

Place a fine of $10,000 per paycheck on any company that employs an illegal

immigrant and you won’t have to deport them. They’ll go back where

 they came from because no one will hire them.


The students were part of a walkout aimed at influencing Congress, which was debating

immigration policy and the potential of cracking down on illegal immigrants in the country.

  Although the flag-raising took place at Montebello high school, officials of the Montebello

Unified School District were quick to point out that the protesters were not students from

Montebello high school.  Assistent Superintendent Robert Henke said the high school was

 under a lockdown and all the students were in their classrooms.  He said that the


800 to 1000 students were from neighboring school districts such as the El Rancho

Unified School District and the Whittier Union High School District.  They marched

to Montebello high school, lowered the flags, replaced the school flag with a Mexican flag,

 flew the U.S. flag upside down, and stole the California flag that had been on the pole.


If you want to stay here, America comes first, last ,and always otherwise go

 back and make it better where ever you came from but don't try to turn my

country into yours by ILLEGALLY entering mine and then demanding all the

benefits of a LEGAL citizen of our nation ..... NO funding from federal tax dollars

 for any student out of class that day or any other day for

 such subversive activities.......teacher led or not.



The photo below shows what these mexicans did against our

country as well as many other things.Obama goes right a long with all

of these illegals coming to our country because he does not care for this country!

If there is anything Obama sees in these mexican people ,it is that he

 thinks he may be able to use them

to vote for him

This is a disgrace! Our founders would of shot! them dead on the spot for this! 

You can believe this! And if you were to go to Mexico and try to do this to their

flag,what they have been doing here.You would not be alive to see another flag!


Another thing to think about is,all these people are doing

America this way because they believe

they can or know they can! we have to lay the law

down and make it plain! we do not tolerate this!

we will not stand for this! and no we do not allow! this in this country!


Even though America has many different people from all over the world.


Let me say to all those who come over here!

you Under the God that has bless

our Nation & you are under the American flag!

you are under our laws! so if you come over

here in the right way! only! remember this.

If you have a problem with this.




If you have came here against our laws!

you have already disrespected what our laws are

in our country! And go back & make your country better.

Or try another country that does not care if you

come in illegally,But America cares.


  Obama is trying to make it seem someting is

 wrong with not excepting these illegals

 into our country! how long are the American

 people going to play dumb to this pied pipper

 of doom!


  Yes! Obama we do have a

 right o protect our country!

yes! we do have a right to not let

 illegals in our country!


 And Yes Obama we

 have a right to put you out of this country

 completely!Obama is placing America in danger ...

 The main reason Obama wants these illegals in is!


Obama you do not ever tell America we are wrong in

defending our country!  





  We must say no!

  to any illegal voting,

  or muslim voting illegally

 outside of our own country!

Security has to be better than this!



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Never allow trash like this below to happen!

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