American Jobs


If you have not figured it out yet,Obama is

not helping Americans with jobs

or the economy,It does not take

 a lot of brains to know


that he is not helping America with jobs

because he does not want to.Again


i will say! Obama agenda is to bring

 down this country not to help this


 country! that is why? everything

 seems to be falling apart,


but The good thing is

we will recover and Obama

will be out of the whitehouse for good!


The country was cursed by electing

someone like this to lead this country!

I hope the people of America will learn!


What Obama said to start with about the Jobs..


Millions of Jobs lost


Why?  do you wonder  why? America is

like it is right now,It is because the

 wrong man is in office! It is because

the people did not vote right

for this country!




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