The Mexican Flag Belongs In Mexico!

 My great great grandfather watched

 as his friends died in the Civil War,

my grandfather watched as his

 friends died in WW II, and my

father watched as his friends

died in vietnam.


None of them died for the Mexican Flag.  

Everyone died for the U.S. flag.  

In Texas , a student raised a

Mexican flag on a school flag pole;

 another student took it down. 

 Guess who was expelled...

the kid who took it down.  

Kids in high school in California

 were sent home  on

 Cinco de Mayo because they

 wore T-shirts with the

 American flag printed on them.  

Enough is enough.  

every American needs to

 stand up for America .  

We've bent over to appease

 the America-haters long enough.  

I'm taking a stand.

I'm standing up because the

 hundreds of thousands who

 died fighting in wars for this

country, and for the U.S.

 flag who now can't stand up.  

 shame on anyone who

 tries to make this a racist message. 


This is not racist! Americans

have not stood up enough

 against trash like this

happening to our beloved country!


But nobody from any other

country has any right to disrespect

our country by trying to hang

 their flag up! if it was the old days! 

when American stood proud

 and strong for our nation!

they would be shot on the

 spot for this horrible act !


No shooting is not the answer!

but you should know you will

not be welcomed in a country

 when you show disrespect.    

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