Tax money building Mosques


While millions of Americans struggle to keep their homes and jobs,


President Barack Obama

can't give your tax dollars away fast enough,According to the Associated Press, the Obama

administration will give away nearly $6 million of American tax dollars to restore 63 historic and

cultural sites, including Islamic mosques and minarets, in 55 nations.


This is an outrage! Our

country is broke. And can you imagine what the ACLU and others on the secular left would say

 if these monies had been spent to repair Christian churches? They would be screaming

 "separation of church and state!" Funding Islam on foreign soil with American taxpayer money?

Not a whimper.


The latest taxpayer givaway includes $76,000 for a 16th century mosque in China,

 $67,000 for a mosque in Pakistan, $77,000 to restore minarets in Nigeria and Mauritania,

 and $50,000 for an Islamic Monument in India.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. program to restore Islamic

and other cultural sites in other countries is taxpayer money well spent.he gave millions

to the radical palestinians shortly after entering office.


He is against America!

just like the muslim people!& other people!hes taking our money and making us

 deeper in debt,by making our enemies richer and helping them!

Now Obama wants to gives Saudi Arabia $60 Billion in U.S. Weapons?

we have the wrong man in office.

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