Your Voice Matters!


Your voice heard: Judge rules against ObamaCare!

Not long ago, we urged you to contact your state governor and attorney general to

urge them to challenge the constitutionality of ObamaCare in court.

Your voice was heard! Over 20 state attorneys general filed a lawsuit charging that

 ObamaCare is flatly unconstitutional.


The great news is that they were told by a federal judge late last week the lawsuit

 you helped inspire can go forward.


Judge Roger Vinson said that the states "have most definitely stated a plausible

 claim" that the federal government has absolutely no authority under the

 Constitution to require people to purchase health insurance.


He also indicated that the sovereign right of states under the 10th Amendment

 have likely been violated by the federal government's order under ObamaCare

to increase their Medicare budgets, which will, in the words of the lawsuit,

"run [state] budgets off a cliff."


Even better, the judge said that President Obama's attorneys were

making "Alice in Wonderland" arguments as they tried to defend the indefensible.

This lawsuit is likely on its way to the Supreme Court, and you will

have helped to get it there. Thanks for weighing in on a critical issue at a critical time!

Don't forget that we have an election of historic importance coming up in just two weeks.


Stand up! your voice does matter! every single person in America!

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