Australia Muslims


Australia and The Netherlands are two places that are fed up

with pushy muslims trying to take over & be in control

 instead of just live at peace with other people.Officials Tell Muslims

‘If  you Want to Live by Sharia Law, Leave the Country’


senior member of Australia’s government has said Muslims who want

to live by Islamic Sharia law are not welcome in the country.


The comments have stoked Muslim anger against the Australian government.

Australian Finance Minister Peter Costello said in a speech late Thursday

 that immigrants must respect the country’s laws and traditions.


Costello singled out Muslims who wanted to live under Sharia law as not welcome in



Australian video-Enough is Enough!!


  When any country allows the kind of conduct,action,abuse,disresepect,

  that these people thrive on.We are giving them the notion we agree with

 what they are doing.And this is not the case at all,we do not.



 They live to try to intimidate

others..The fact is that their way is not exceptable,neither should we tolerate

this.When they flock in the streets and lay out in the roads,they use the religion

card to try to back up everything they do..That  Card Has Expired!!


The fact is laying

in the road and bowing is not a part of their religion-its a part of them

feeling like they are bringing an area under submission.And delibrately

showing hate, harrassing ,making others feel uneasy,that is a part of their

quran.We cannot support people whos belief is to bring harm to others & harrass &

everything we do not stand for.


Americans as well as other countries

are not pleased with their ways and we wish for them to leave.They may say well ?

where will we go ? what will we do?


maybe they should of thought about this before they

brought their evil ways over here and disrespected our Nation! & other countries!

They seem to have a problem with obeying the law of any country!

 We have to protect our America!.


There are countries  they can go to  that will except the

way they believe,they would feel right at home there

and very comfortable-that would be best for them &

 The people of America.We have enough to deal with

 and this is something no country should have to deal with. 


 America cannot expect God to keep

 blessing us if we do not stand up for what is right! 


God Bless & Help Australia!

Thank you for taking a stand

for your country & freedom.



Muslim cleric leaves Australia for good


A leading Muslim cleric, ordered to leave the country by immigration

 officials, says his spirit will remain in Australia forever.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has lived in Australia for 16 years and is

the force behind an Islamic centre in suburban Sydney.

Dr Leghaei was ordered to leave the country by Sunday night,

following two adverse security declarations from the

 Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.


With his wife and their 14-year-old Australian-born daughter Fatima,

 he will fly out of Sydney to Iran about two hours before his

 bridging visa expires at midnight.

"My body will depart Australia but definitely my soul and my

spirit will remain here forever," Dr Leghaei told ABC TV.

He said he had no firm plans for his life, beyond a reunion with his parents.

Fatima Leghaei also doesn't want to leave.


"I feel sad because my friends, my brothers and school and everything is all here," she said.

Dr Leghaei's three sons - all in their 20s - are staying in

Sydney, and one, Sadegh is convinced his family will return.

"They will come back, rest assured they will come back," he said.

"When? (That) is in God's hands. If? It's not even a question."


An immigration spokesman said Dr Leghaei was leaving

Australia voluntarily but admitted he otherwise risked

 being put in detention and forcibly deported.


"Sheikh Mansour Leghaei has been given an adverse security

assessment and as such he doesn't meet the character

 requirement for a permanent residency visa, so he

 is required to leave the country," he told AAP.


"Anyone who has an adverse security assessment

against their name is not eligible for a visa to Australia."


If you are Muslim and want to live under Sharia Law, then you need

to immigrate to a country that accepts that form of government and justice. 

The United States, and many other countries are not based on that social, j

udicial, and political ideology and to allow Islam to come in and change

 the world to meet their expectations is not acceptable.  It is no

 more acceptable to us than it would be for us to move to


 Iran and try and force our beliefs into their culture. 

 The difference is that they can get away with it here, while


 Iran would imprison us if we forced

ourselves into their country & practiced our

 christian faith or any other faith besides

Sharia Law,They will even stone to death.

Religion is not to be forced on anyone, you can share your faith & talk to others

of course-but to try to  force with threats & hate speeches,killing,

Not to mention that their agenda is to take over no matter what they claim!



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