When We agree In Prayer


Please agree in prayer with me

Prayer is down below picture.



 Matthew 18:19

Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as

 touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them

 of my Father which is in heaven.


I Want all Gods people to agree with me in prayer for this country,

our leaders,our enemies,for Israel & Jerusalem.Agree with me now

with this prayer below & watch God move!Because His word

 said He would hear a sincere heart if we agree together.


 Father of Heaven and Earth the true and only God of all,

Turn this country around for your glory once more and deliver us from

all evil.Protect us! and help us now! oh! God of our salvation.

Father in heaven curse the evil and ungodly men and women out of the Whitehouse,

As well as every office in the United States! And let you praise and power rule!

That all may be taught the truth and live in your joy and peace and trust in you.

Bless,prosper,and give peace to Israel and Jerusalem! forever! bless their land and

let your Holy Angels be all about their city and let the people praise you let all the

people praise you and give you all the glory!

let not the idol praise be heard any more

In Israel! but only let the praise of the one true God be uplifted in His Holyland! 

Cast out of the United States and Israel all plotters against the country and those that

seek to do evil to Israel and America! Father in heaven seek them out and bring them down and

cast them out and deal with them!

May your power be on Romney to win this race by your power.

Give unto him wisdom,understanding,compassion,zeal,a right heart and right mind in you Father

in heaven! may you protect him and guide him and give him the power to place his foot down on the

devils neck! and the evil that has infested our country! 

And let it be in Jesus Holy Name!

Let no! weapon formed against Israel or America in any way seen or unseen prosper! In Jesus

Name! Let all Gods people say! praise the Lord!

Let the wicked be ashamed and those that sought our evil see

the saving power of Almighty God on our people and land,in Jesus Name!

Let all the evil and ungodly leaders all over the world be brought down and

to shame and let them all be replaced with Godly God fearing leaders!

and let

not America any longer hold to the hand of other countries who forget the true Living God

and forsake His mercy and love.In Jesus Name!

Father in Heaven place prayer back in school

and get the lies out! stop abortions,save and deliver billions of people all over the world!

release and help the captive that are being held and tortured in parts of the world! help them now!

Let Gods people rise up! For greater is God in

you working through you,then what you see in this world.

Father in Heaven deliver America & Israel from all those that plot against us

within our country and outside! defeat them! In Jesus Holy Name! 

Save and deliver people from evil and ungodly ways in all countries!

And let them be set free by your power.As only you alone can do! Father in

heaven help the leader of Israel,give to him wisdom and understanding to lead the people,

and protect the land,help him to know what you would have him to do,Even if you have to give

to him a dream and show him.

Father in Heaven help him and protect him and bless the people

of Israel and heal them in their bodies and in their soul.




Lets go! Forward! with the help of God!


For all who agreed with me in 

prayer! God bless you & thank you!

you will see God move in a mighty way! 



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