France Raising the veil


France taking a stand to

protect their country!



French Senate Passes Full Islamic Veil Ban



Many Muslim women are

 trying to keep their veil

over their face! Like i

said they are in the wrong

country to try to tell us they want

 to live in our country,

but they want to go by their laws!

forget it ! get out !

we do not want your custom or

your ways! You came over

with a narrow mind to

believe we would allow you to

change our laws or

 except traditions

 which go against our laws.



The French Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a bill
banning the burqa-style Islamic veil on public streets and other places,
 a measure that affects less than 2,000 women but that has been widely
 seen as a symbolic defense of French values.

The Senate voted 246 to 1 in favor of the bill in a final step toward

making the ban a law – though it now must pass muster with France's

 constitutional watchdog. The bill was overwhelmingly passed in July in

the lower house, the National Assembly.


Many Muslims believe the legislation is one more blow to France's No. 2

 religion, and risks raising the level of Islamophobia in a country

where mosques, like synagogues, are sporadic targets of hate. However,

the law's many proponents say it will preserve the nation's values,

including its secular foundations and a notion of fraternity that is

 contrary to those who hide their faces.


In an attempt to head off any legal challenges over arguments

 it tramples on religious and other freedoms, the leaders of both

 parliamentary houses said they had asked a special body to ensure

 it passes constitutional muster.



 The Constitutional Council has one month to rule.

The bill is worded to trip safely through legal minefields. For instance,

 the words "women," "Muslim" and "veil" are not even

mentioned in any of its seven articles.

"This law was the object of long and complex debates,"



the Senate president, Gerard Larcher, and National Assembly

 head Bernard Accoyer said in a joint statement announcing

 their move. They said they want to be certain there is "no uncertainty"

 about its conforming to the constitution.


France would be the first European country to pass such a law, though

 others, notably neighboring Belgium, are considering laws against

 face-covering veils, seen as conflicting with the local culture.

"Our duty concerning such fundamental principles of our society

 is to speak with one voice," said Justice Minister Michele



Alliot-Marie, opening a less than 5-hour-long debate ahead of the vote.

The measure, carried by President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative party,

was passed by the lower house of parliament, the National Assembly



The Muslims of France, if they do'nt like this law are FREE TO LEAVE FRANCE!

A line has to be drawn and I do'nt know why any host country and that includes

 the USA also, should bend over backwards to accomodate

any group of immigrants.

The French should have zero tolerance for any backlash from

the muslims who basically are just looking for any excuse to riot anyway.

 Forget the PC and "Tolerance".


Tolerance is nonsense when it is just another word for surrender


    The veil is a symbol of

    submission and shame,

    which we do not allow,all women

    should show their faces.


   This is not the country

   that they came from

   not by any means-I thought they

   came to France & America & other

   countries to escape their slavery

   type traditions- To be free from this!


       And here they are

       holding to their bondage,so

       if they did not come here to be

       free from this,Then they must be here to try

       to push this so called tradition  

       apon the freedom of other people,who

       do not wish,want,desire,in any way to

       be in their bondage type ways.Our country was 

       made free by God & the many men &


       woman who fought& died  

       with honor to give us freedom

       to make sure we were

       not in bondage to a people

       like these muslim people.



 we cannot allow their

 countries traditions to

 gain any ground,because it

 is against all the laws

 that we stand for!It is why?

 we are a free country! for fighting

 against the beliefs & people such as this! 




We can not be foolish with our freedom-It is a fact

 that ( all ) muslims read the same

book- ((the quran-koran)) ,This book teaches

 them to do the very same thing that  radical muslims do,

even though many may not go as far as the radical

muslims, they are taught this in the quran,and that it is ok.


If they do not believe this way? Why do they practice 

this sort of teaching  that teaches to kill.


we must protect our country,read the

 quran yourself-- you will see what i mean.

The book is against the laws of

 America as well as other countries!


You might say it is a book about braking the

 laws of other countries-to enforce their  own.

To put  it plainly-Im sorry for them-this is not exceptable.

They  should go back where it is exceptable since they


are devoted to its teaching's.Again the teachings of this book

goes against our laws,we have people locked up in

prison who may never be free

for commiting what the quran teaches

 & commands them to do!

& rightfully so!


 Religion is one thing , Killing is not a religion-It is a crime!

 I think that pretty much sums it up....








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