Obama & communist networks in Chicago


Following law school, Obama linked up with local communist networks in Chicago

 and oversaw community organizing as director of Illinois Project Vote!

Obama states he saw opportunism in Chicago after the election of

 Harold Washington as the city’s first black mayor.


 John Bachtell, CPUSA Illinois district organizer, said at a special

meeting on African American Equality, Building the Communist Party

 and the Young Communist League on September 30, 2007, "The historic

 election of Washington was the culmination of many years of struggle.

It reflected a high degree of unity of the African American

community and the alliance with a section of labor, the Latino

 community and progressive minded whites.


This legacy of political independence also endures."

Obama with Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan led

the Million Man March on Washington in 1995


Obama states that he has consistently opposed the Iraq War since 2002.

In his famous speech delivered at a rally organized by SDS veterans

Carl Davidson and Marilyn Katz in Chicago on October 2, 2002 Even though


 Saddam had, in Obama's words, "developed chemical and biological weapons"

Obama condoned the most hideous torture and dismissed Bush administration

objectives of democratization and human rights as fighting a "dumb war."


A commentator observed, "one would search long and hard for any words

 from this apostle of hope and change about the palpable benefits that

 democracy might bring to the Arabs and Muslims of the Middle East.


In 1995 Obama accepted the nomination, signed a contract

and ran as a candidate of the openly Marxist New Party

The New Party was an electoral alliance that worked alongside

 ACORN, formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for


America (SPUSA and DSAUSA) and leaders of an offshoot of the

Community Party USA (CPUSA).The New Party was

 funded by literally hundreds of leftist front-groups

operating as special interest 527 organizations.


Now Rahm Emanuel is going to Chicago...

CHICAGO – Former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel

announced Sunday that he's preparing to run for mayor

of Chicago, a position he has said he long desired.

Emanuel made the announcement in a video posted Sunday

on his website, ChicagoforRahm.com. He had been careful not

to launch his candidacy from Washington and headed to Chicago

immediately after his resignation was announced

 by President Barack Obama on Friday.


VOTE!  NO! to anything that comes out of the Whitehouse at this time! They are corrupt. 



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