How to get Obama Out Now!




we cannot afford to allow Obama to stay one

 more second in the whitehouse

than possible! each day -each


moment -is evil at work

to bring down the United States of America!


 Our Great Country! That we fought for! our

 founders &  people fought for our freedom!


Not some muslim! not some terrorists or  taliban!

how dare some low down


jerk like Obama,try to say these

terrorists are equal to Americans

and should be given the same


rights! & fight with us &  live in our

 country which they only want


 to destroy .I get the bigger picture!


Obama himself is a terrorist!


 Birds of a feather flock together!


 like Obama push this trash on our

 country! He is not American!


There is no way! you can be a true

 American -and


 do all the harm Obama has done

and is doing to this country!




STOP !  HIM ! NOW ! ((( HERES -HOW! )))

 Obama lied his frist day in office! he is a deceiver!





An impeachment of a United States president is rare, but

it has happened on two occasions and been proposed a number

 of other times. Because it's one of the most dramatic and important

 happenings in politics, you should learn the process

 of how to impeach a president.



  1. 1

    Begin impeachment proceedings in the House Judiciary Committee,

  2. which is a subcommittee in the House of Representatives.

  3. The House Judiciary Committee considers evidence for

  4. of wrongdoing, and votes whether to pass the

  5. matter along to the entire body.

  6. 2

    Schedule formal hearings. The House Judiciary Committee

  7. holds hearings investigating any allegations against the president.

  8. 3

    Draw up articles of impeachment. The House

  9. Judiciary Committee composes articles of

  10.  impeachment outlining the crimes the president

  11.  has committed and the evidence of those crimes.

  12. According to the United States Constitution, the

  13. House of Representatives may impeach the

  14. president for "high crimes and misdemeanors."

  15. 4

    Take a vote on whether to send the articles

  16.  of impeachment to the full House of Representatives

  17. for a vote. If a majority of the members of the House

  18.  Judiciary Committee votes to send the articles on, they are then submitted.

  19. 5

    Vote on the articles of

  20. impeachment. The House votes on

  21. whether to accept the articles of impeachment.

  22. To impeach a president, a majority of the members

  23. must vote for the articles of impeachment.

  24. The articles of impeachment are then sent to the Senate.

  25. 6

    Consider the articles of impeachment in the Senate. If the House

  26. of Representatives votes to impeach the president, the Senate can

  27. remove him from office with a two-thirds majority vote. The senate

  28. runs the hearing much like a trial. The president is found

  29.  guilty of his alleged crimes if two thirds of the

  30. Senate votes to remove him from office.



How many different name is President Obama legally authorized to use?

Is his legal name Barack Hussein Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama


(without the designation “II” indicating Barack Obama Jr.),

 Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah?


All of these names appear in various documents produced

since 2008 regarding Obama’s life story and his passport records.


The White House has refused to release Obama’s long-form birth

certificate filed at his birth that lists the hospital where he was born

 and the name of the physician who attended the birth. Also,

 the White House has refused to disclose to the public his

 passport and travel records as maintained by the U.S. State Department.

Someones comments

  If it did take until the next election, I would rather wait and get the bastards on war

crimes or something else and actually throw their ass's in prison.

 I am all for getting them out of office, I am all for doing this on principal alone.

We need to preserve the integrity of our political system (or at

least what is left of it). I am just wondering the futility of doing

something that will not be able to take place before

 the bastards are out of office.....

I also don't want to distract from what is going on from day

to day and I don't want to detract from the upcoming election.

It is a hard thing to think about right now.

Impeachment is too easy of a punishment for them, they

really need to be led off in handcuffs to some undisclosed location.




Enough is enough. We're
 calling for the Impeachment
 of Barack Hussein Obama.
 And if you agree, you can
 join us right now. Right
here and right now, you can
 add your voice to ours...
and add your name to the
 Articles of Impeachment
against Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama is turning
 America into a Socialist
 State, like Hitler no one
 is stopping him. No one
took Hitler seriously, everyone
 placated him. England signed
a "peace treaty" with him
that Neville Chamberlain
 famously waved about,
 right up... (read more)
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Why are we calling for the Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama?
Radio-personality Tammy Bruce may have said it best:
"... ultimately, it comes down to... the fact that he seems to have,
it seems to me, some malevolence toward this country, which is unabated."

Oh... there are many reasons to call for the impeachment of
Barack Hussein Obama and there is more than just cause to call for his impeachment.

But as Bruce said, Obama's "unabated malevolence toward
 this country, which is unabated" makes it all the more
 imperative that we take action now... without delay.

How long must we wait... how long should we sit back
 and permit Barack Hussein Obama to rip apart the
fabric of this country before we take action?

*Are you terrified at Barack Obama’s campaign to
 change our country into a third-world nation?

*Are you willing to sit back and watch Obama bulldoze our great nation?

*Are you willing to let him construct a totalitarian regime...
fascism, socialism, Obamaism... take your pick?

If any of the above scenarios concern you... join us.

At the very least, fire a shot across the bow... a shot that
 will be heard around the world... and send Barack Hussein
Obama a clear and unmistakable message that he does
 not have carte blanche to ruin the United States of America.

Can we actually impeach Barack Hussein Obama?
Should we impeach Barack Hussein Obama?

To borrow a phrase from the "anointed-one," ... "yes we can."

But before going on, we really need to address the often
misunderstood subject of what exactly constitutes
 an impeachable offense, in order to illustrate that Barack
 Obama's actions are grave enough to warrant impeachment.

Former-President Gerald Ford, while serving in the House
 of Representatives, said an impeachable offense was, “
whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history.”

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution reads:
 “The President, Vice President and all civil
officers of the United States, shall be removed
 from office on impeachment for, and conviction of,
 treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The key phrase here is "high crimes and misdemeanors,”
 a concept in English Common Law that was well-
known to our Founding Fathers but is grossly misunderstood in this day and age.

Here's a passage from which succinctly and
 beautifully summarizes the historical significance
 surrounding the inclusion of the term "high crimes and
misdemeanors" in the Constitution:

“’High crimes and misdemeanors’ entered the text of the
 Constitution due to George Mason and James Madison.
Mason had argued that the reasons given for impeachment -
 treason and bribery - were not enough. He worried that other
"great and dangerous offenses" might not be covered...
so Mason then proposed ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’
a phrase well-known in English common law. In 18th
century language, a ‘misdemeanor’ meant ‘mis-demeanor,’ or bad behavior."

In other words, "high crimes and misdemeanors" does not refer to a
criminal act (as some would lead you to believe) and our
 Founding Fathers fully intended to allow for the removal
of the President for actions which were... well... simply
put... egregious... grossly incompetent... grossly
negligent... outright distasteful... or, in the case of
 Barack Hussein Obama, actions which clearly show
 "malevolence toward this country, which is unabated."

And make no mistake, for those who mistakenly hold the illusion
 that impeaching Barack Hussein Obama would be a simple
 matter of "playing politics," the Founders fully
 intended that the impeachment of a sitting President be a political act.

As notes:

“The Congress decides the definition [of impeachable offenses]:
 by majority vote in the House for impeachment, and by
 2/3 vote in the Senate for conviction. The Framers of
 the Constitution deliberately put impeachment into the
 hands of the legislative branch rather than the judicial
branch, thus transforming it from strictly a matter of legal
definition to a matter of political judgment. Then
Representative Gerald Ford put it into practical perspective
 in 1970, when he said an impeachable offense is
‘whatever a majority of the House of Representatives
considers it to be at a given moment in history.’"

Obama and those around him are ravaging this great country and
 adding a sorry chapter to a noble history.

Impeachment, as written in the Constitution, was tailor-made for
 Barack Hussein Obama and our Founders placed
 it in our Constitution for such a time as this.

It could be easily argued that we have a duty to impeach Barack Hussein Obama.

Of course, our elected officials won't have the back-bone
 to go it alone. That's where you come in.

Help us spread the word far-and-wide and our elected officials
 will come to know that Impeachment is the will of the
American people and they ignore the will of the
 people at their own political peril.

Charges against the Obama Administration to be investigated:

1. The Obama Administration committed fraud by issuing the
 following report as a true an attested production of the
seven-member committee from the National Academy
 of Engineering on deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico:
CONTINENTAL SHELF on MAY 27, 2010 – Issued by Ken Salazar;

2. The Obama Administration has knowingly, willfully,
 and with malice aforethought, circumvented the
Constitution in particular, the Senate of the United
States of America’s role to
“Advise and Consent” on appointees referred
to as “czars” or Presidential Advisors on at least 25 occasions;

3. The Obama Administration has seized, or caused to be
seized private assets without the consent of Congress
or Due Process through the Judicial Branch.
i.e. – AIG, General Motors, Chrysler, and others;

4. The Obama Administration has committed bribery in garnering
votes from Senators Landrieu of Louisiana,
 Nelson of Nebraska for the passage of H.R.3590
Title: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act;

5. The Obama Administration has sealed, sequestered,
or caused to be sealed and/or sequestered vital documents
 of Constitutional importance which are subject to public
 disclosure in express violation of 44 U.S.C. § 2201;

6. The Obama Administration has knowingly, willfully, and
 with malice aforethought, accused the United States
of America of wrong doing while on foreign soil;

7. The Obama Administration has knowingly, willfully, and
 with malice aforethought, usurped or seeks to usurp
 the sovereignty of the several
 states along the border of Mexico, and the Gulf Coast;

8. The Obama Administration has failed to secure the safety
 of United States citizens, their property, their livelihood,
 and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of
 happiness by not enforcing Federal Laws on illegal
entry into the United States of America through its
many borders and points of debarkation;

9. The Obama Administration has committed several open and
notorious acts of lying and making fraudulent statements
to mislead the Congress and the citizens of the
United States of America under color of authority;

10. The Obama Administration has, by acts of omission,
malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and onerous
disregard for the safety of the United States of America,
her citizens, and those legally residing in the country
allowed enemies of the state to invade the country,
causing death, mayhem, and gross property damage;

11. The Obama Administration has, by acts of omission,
malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and onerous
disregard of the law, allowed foreign nationals
to wrest the possession of Federal and private
 property from the citizens of the
 United States of America;

12. The Obama Administration has knowingly,
willfully, and with malice aforethought caused
the property of citizens to be confiscated and then
redistributed such property to others without
due process, Congressional Enactment, or by order of a court;

13. The Obama Administration has knowingly,
willfully, and with malice aforethought sought
 to convey the sovereignty of the United States
 of America, in whole, or in part, to foreign
entities and the United Nations;

14. The Obama Administration has by acts of omission,
malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and onerous
disregard, caused the death, and/or injury
of United States of America military
 personnel and allied forces of other nations;

15. The Obama Administration has by acts of omission,
malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and onerous
disregard, caused or is attempting to cause the
economy of the United States of America to decline precipitously;

16. The Obama Administration has knowingly,
willfully, and with malice aforethought,
committed the citizens of the United States of America
 to unmanageable, unrecoverable debt to foreign entities;

17. The Obama Administration has knowingly, willfully,
and with malice aforethought, given aid and
comfort to enemies of the United States of America
by causing tax payer funds to be expended on
behalf known terrorist organizations such as
Hamas and others, and has caused said sworn
enemies to be transported to the
 United States of America endangering her citizenry;

18. The Obama Administration has feloniously
 interfered with local elections by offering
goods in return for action by candidates in
 several states in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 595, and 18 U.S.C. § 600;

19. The Obama Administration has caused to be
created, a list of enemies, and has openly
and notoriously slandered several United
 States Citizens, legal institutions,
citizen groups, and law enforcement agencies;

20. The Obama Administration has hired,
 and/or appointed tax evaders, felons,
associates of enemies of the state, associates
of known terrorists, and known supporters of
communism to positions within the Federal government;

21. The Obama Administration has by acts of omission,
 malfeasance, dereliction of duty, and onerous
 disregard, failed to enforce, through the
Department of Justice, the laws regarding voter
 intimidation in the case of the Black Panthers
 in Philadelphia in violation of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 594

22. The Obama Administration has interfered with,
promoted, and/or acted with willful and malignant
 force in the affairs of a foreign nation, and its
 political process; i.e – Kenya, Indonesia, Pakistan…et al

23. The Obama Adminstration has knowingly, willfully,
 and with malice aforethought, provided information,
omitted information, and/or mislead the
 American public in manner that invalidates
any person’s security clearance, especially
 in the office now held;

24. The Obama Administration, specifically the President
of the United States has demonstrably, and without
 question, manifests psychological deficiencies that
 preclude him or anyone displaying such deficiencies
and mental disorders of holding any security clearance
what-so-ever. He is therefore unfit for duty;

25. The Obama Administration has knowingly, willfully,
and with malice aforethought, provided information,
omitted information, and/or mislead
the American public in the use of foreign
passports, travel documents, and other
Constitutionally important documents
 concerning foreign citizenship, foreign
travel, and foreign allegiances;

26. Mr. Obama, has employed the use of falsified documents,
obtained false documents, employed deceptive measures
 to secure such, and has committed fraud of the American
public. i.e. - Multiple Social Security Numbers, one of a
person who died before he was born in Connecticut,
 passports, visas, employment records, financial
disclosure statements, and other public domain documents;

27. Mr. Obama is unfit for duty as the Commander-in-Chief
of the Armed Forces of the United States, and is unfit
to hold clearance for state secrets.
The question is not whether we should impeach Barack
Hussein Obama. Rather, the question is, can we
impeach Barack Hussein Obama before it is too late?


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