The truth about Hell!


                       Screams from Hell !!!!!!!



Truth About Hell-Creflo Dollar
     3 videos go together


                      FACTS ABOUT JESUS CHRIST
                                        A   FORMER  
   Atheist searched And he find
           out the truth.



The Healing Power of God Can happen any place & anywhere!
also included  in this video-The power Of God Heals a Muslim!
Not allah.


Muslims Turn to Jesus

 in Algeria - Millions to Christ
  Muslims seek a real God
 that will hear their prayers
 & heal them & deliver them!

             Muslim tell's how

              he came to God,
        What happened-He tells
            his amazing story!
                 3 part video
      watch below! all 3 videos!
                THE VISIT TO HELL!

There is a debate among many non-Christian

 religions whether hell is real or not.

Many people believe that Heaven is

real but not hell. Because of this

 misconception, those that do


not believe in hell die and go to hell.

 Hell is as real as Heaven.

 I have seen it and been there.

 The world will tell you that

Hell is an imaginary place,


but it is not. When you die,

you go either to Heaven or to Hell.

Is there a Purgatory?

Purgatory (Lat., "purgare",

 to make clean, purify) in accordance


 with Catholic teaching is a

 place or condition of temporal

punishment for those who,

departing this life in God's


grace are, not entirely free from

certain sins, or have not fully

 paid the satisfaction due

 to their transgression.


The ideology of purgatory

is an erroneous doctrine that

 is not Biblical. Many people

 have been told that they will

go to purgatory for a certain

amount of time until their sins

 have been ceased then they


will go to heaven. Sadly, that

is not the truth because the

bible says, "And as it is appointed

 for men to die once, but after

 this the judgment"


 (Hebrews 9:27).

The tunnel

After praying one night,

I laid down to sleep. A few

 seconds later, my Spirit left my

 body. I found myself going down

a tunnel. While going down


 the tunnel, it became brighter.

 I had no clue where I was

or going or what was going on.

I saw people as far ahead

 as I could see, thousands

upon thousands of people.


Finally, when I enter what

looked like the heart of tunnel,

I saw disturbing images.

 The thousands of people I

 saw were bound with chains

 as the lake of fire burned them.


 From the expression on their

 faces, they seem to be in agony.

 It was sad and disturbing to me.

 When I looked up, the top of the

 tunnel was open. Through that


 opening I saw a bright light

shining into the tunnel.

Somehow, I was elevated

 to the top of the tunnel to

see where the light was


coming from. The light was

as bright as the sun. I could

 tell from the distance that

the light was coming from a

 farther distance. That is


when I realized that the tunnel

 was bright because of the light.


Suddenly, I found myself back down


 on the heart of the tunnel. I was

surprised about what happened.

 How was I elevated to the top of

 the tunnel and brought back down?


 I asked myself. There was a big gap

 separating the bottom from the top.

 I saw people stepping on top of each


 other struggling to get to the light.

 Unfortunately, they could not because

it was too late. It was not a beautiful picture.

The horror, agony, and suffering

 brought tears to my eyes. Some

 of those people had the opportunity


 to accept Jesus Christ as their

 lord and savior but they refused.

The sad part about it is that they

 could not get out of hell


regardless of how hard they tried.

 Satan and his "boys" did not allow them.

When I turned, I saw a huge black

beast in front of me. The evil creature

must have been twelve to fifteen feet tall.

 I have never seen anyone or anything


 as tall and ugly like that in my life.

It fit the description of the beast

 talked about throughout the book

of Revelation. All of a sudden,


I was back in my room. It happened very fast.

For hours that night, I cried to

 the Lord and said,

"God wherever you send me

to preach the Gospel, I will go.


 I don't want another soul to go to hell.

" I felt the love of our Heavenly

Father even for those

 that rejected Him, those

 who were given countless

opportunities to accept His


 free gift-salvation but they refused.

Please, do not let that be you.

If you feel a tug in your heart,

 do not fight it because this


   could be your last chance

  tomorrow is not promised.



Dear,God,I believe in

 my heart in Jesus your son,

please help me! deliver me,forgive me,

cleanse me from all my sins! make

 me new in my spirit.Give to

me a home in heaven.

I no longer want to do wrong,

I want to know what is truth and

do what is right.Let me not be blinded ever

again by evil.

Let me serve you,love you ,

obey you Dear God all the

 days of my life,be with me,

Thank you Dear God for

everything you now are

 doing in my heart and

 soul to change my life,Thank you.

I ask and pray in Jesus Name.




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