Place Gods Word Back!


The word of God is within

 many prisons for them

 to hear on tv and read the bible!

 Why ? Because God works!

 Because God is

 real & His word


helps & delivers and opens up the blinded

 eyes by the help of Jesus-Not any other

 form of worship! God only!


 Now lets look at a little wisdom here,

If God is helping to deliver prisoners



 who are looking for hope & they find hope

and live a life worth living for God and


 turn away from all their

 sins and crime of every kind!

If God works for murderers & all kinds

of criminals in prison! then God works!


 for any place in America! or in the world!

 I demand in the Name of Jesus Christ

 the living son of the living God that Gods


 word and prayer be placed back in schools

 back in businesses! back in our courts ect.

 God made America what it is!

  Man is trying to destroy it!


 my friend you do not by any means

 wish to take God out! believe me

 you would regret it! God is the

 foundation! God is the Pillars!


 that makes this

 country  stand! To dishonor God

 and take His word & prayer out!

 Means a fallen country! Pray &

repent that God may have mercy!

And quickly restore back Gods Word!



 workers for evil with no wisdom of God

 & no understanding of the harm they

 do in the process!Have did

 very wrong against God!

 What im telling you


 is there is much danger in turning away

 from God who has bless this land!

 infact im telling you there is sure!


 danger in doing so! if this country

 does not turn back and bring

 Glory to God once more!


We will always have men trying to play God!

We do not need game players with our country!

We only Need God to be the God of our Nation!

And these evil men who seek to rule

with evil brought down to the

 ground! In Jesus Name!  


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