Muslims fight Oklahoma



 This is trash how our country is allowing muslim's

 to run over our people! If muslim's think our people will

 not fight back & run them out ! they better think again!

Their time is up! No more time for thinking!

 It's time right now!


 for Americans to act! and defend by Gods help also! 

 How dare these sorry muslim people come over here and

 think for one moment that they have the right to make new

 law's in our country! infact! law's that go


  against our country & law's against what we

  stand for.Get real America! These people have to go! and get

  out of our country! Enough patting the devil on the head

  and polishing his horn's,so to speak!

  we will not tolerate this sort of  conduct! no! we ! will! not!


 get their garbage off of the websites & internet! Google, & the rest of you

 with search engines! get their websites down that are conducting websites

 against this country and of evil! are you are no better

 than a traiter to your own country!And if these search

 engines refuse to take them off & down!

 So be it! Let our country stand for what is right!


 shut them  down and create new search engines that will not place their

 trash on the internet-not here in America! our

 security has to go! up! do not allow them to

 work in our country or through our country! they are evil! and stand for


 their idol god!not for what our country is based on! for all you sick!

 muslims- our God is the true God and we will not bend or bow to a rock!

 and our God is staying right here with us,like He has been!


you will be defeated! as the dust of the ground! you will be wiped away!

though you be many! it just takes one real God! to make

 you as though you never have been! When God comes


 against you you will be in a completely losing battle!

 believe it! it does not have to take our country!to bomb

 you to wake you up! and get you out! God sees your

 wicked ungodly way's of child molesting & abuse & killing & all evil

 of the devil of hell you do!May God get everyone of you out of


 our country even now In Jesus Name! you servants of satan!

 we have no choice, in this matter! these horrible people

 have pushed us too! far! they must leave! Do not support them in any way!

 do not shop at a store they own! do not rent to, our sell to, or buy from!

 do not get gas from! for they are a shame apon this country!Make them  leave!

  Let it be so,We have a country to defend &  protect & a God

  that gives us the wisdom to do so!,, so, do so, now!

 In Jesus Name!


 Do not encourage them in any way!

 they are not welcomed here or wanted here!

 So get out muslims- IN JESUS NAME! and may the true living

 God have mercy on your soul that you may come to Him

 and find forgivness and repent of your sin's and know the truth..

 That the truth in Christ Jesus will set you free! Or you will stay blind & 

 doomed to eternal hell!


Muslims fight Oklahoma anti-sharia amendment


An Islamic critic and terrorism expert is not surprised that a radical pro-terrorist

 organization would try to use the courts to

 usurp the will of Oklahomans who want no part of sharia law.


Earlier this week, U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a temporary

 restraining order to block the state's constitutional amendment that prohibits

 courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.

That move prevents the state election board from certifying the results of

the November 2 general election, in which the amendment was approved by

 over 70 percent of voters. The order will remain in effect until a November

 22 hearing on a requested preliminary injunction, which was issued in a

 lawsuit filed by the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic

Relations (CAIR) in Oklahoma.

The amendment effort was spearheaded by ACT! for America,

which was founded by bestselling author Brigitte Gabriel. She points

out that CAIR has consistently supported Islamic supremacism.

"Let's all remember that this is the organization whose current communications

director, Ibrahim Hooper, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 1993

that he hoped America's government would be Islamic sometime in the

future," Gabriel notes. "This is also the organization whose co-founder,

 Omar Ahmed, told two California newspapers in 1998 that he wanted the

Koran to be the highest authority in America. CAIR Oklahoma saying

that they're suing because it's discriminatory is absurd," she decides. 

"State Question 755 protects non-Muslims and Muslims alike from

 the tyranny and discrimination of sharia law."

The ACT! for America founder thinks CAIR is suing because Ahmed

 and Hooper want to challenge State Question 755's firewall against

sharia law, the Islamiic law they both clearly want enforced in America.

But she is confident the amendment will be upheld in court.


Father in Heaven, help Oklahoma now! and get the muslims out of their

state and out of our country! I ask and pray! and it will be so! In Jesus Name!


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