Taking It to The Street


 (Credit: BillboardsAgainstObama.com)

With midterm elections coming up and anger over the Health Care Bill

 boiling over, one group is taking their message to the streets. Literally.

Commuters driving on Atlanta highways this morning were greeted

 by billboards proclaiming "Stop Obama's Socialism" and "America's

Coming for You Congress!"


# (note) this is not listed

 to promote-But an option

     if you choose.


messages can be purchased from the group,

with prices ranging from $2,500-$3,500 per month.



 of the vitriolic slogans on offer include "Now It's Personal!

 America's Coming for You Congress! Vote Liberals Out in 2010!"

 and "If You're Not Outraged, You're Not Paying Attention."

"It's time to fight, it's time to speak out, it's time to save our country!!!"




 Colorado Billboard Below

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