Gods Holy Word Our Flag & the quran

Afghanistan Muslims Burn

American Flag To Celebrate 9/11!

 Muslims gathered to  incite hatred and to

 burn the Union Jack and U.S. flag.  they chanted,

"burn burn U.S.A." , "freedom go to hell", "democracy go to hell"..

.and other phrases all the while making outrageous claims

 about being attacked with nuclear weapons.

UK Muslims burn England flag


British Muslims burn St George's flag

New Yorker Cover Shows Muslim, Flag-Burning


Muslims Burn US Flag at London Embassy


Muslims burn US flag in Pakistan


Muslims Burn US Flag at Embassy


Afghanistan Muslims Burn American Flag To Celebrate 9/11!


Filipino Muslims burn Danish flag in protest over cartoons


Muslims burn American flag ...


YouTube - Muslims burn American flag - September 11th



Malaysian Muslims burn Israeli flag in protest over ship raid


'Muslims to burn US flags in protest of Koran burnings'


YouTube - EDL remember 9/11 victims, Radical Muslims burn flag.



And we are suppose to care about what  they think!

so what if a preacher wanted to burn the quran!

Our flag is important to us!

our country and our God!

Is important to us!

We are highly upset with these people !


  These satanic muslims  have flag burning

  days like Holidays  and they are getting by with it.

   They should be locked up! & deported out of any country

   where they do this horrible act! they are not worthy to walk on our grounds.

    This should not be allowed ,

  throw them out of any country where they are caught doing  this!

 they slandar & destroy all their rights to any

  country in any place in the world!


 just by their actions,when they disrespect

anyones freedom & land in this awful way!


( The Quran)

It is not holy or of God!

It contains twisted Parts of the bible which are mixed up  with

the words of some man that wanted to start his own

religion! because he refused to believe that

 the true & living God sent His Son as a Jew.But God did!


The devil will twists everything of God!









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