Biden Sleeping

This video has been going around for laughs,well,

when it reached me i was not laughing!

people! The laugh was suppose to be about biden sleeping during Obamas

so called speech! I guess people are not listening to the speech Obama

was making while Biden was trying to sleep,it was a hateful Non American
speech about doing away with helping our seniors on medicare! listen to the video people!
this is serious! its not anything to laugh about! And it
 bothers me that biden could sleep through a speech like this!
Not only him ,but notice the people around biden! what is wrong people! wake up!

please listen to the speech Obama was making in this
 clip,and this is only a small portion of it,you know the rest of his speech was garbage
as well! why? is this jerk still in office!!!


corrupt & sleeping leaders! Get out of the Whitehouse !


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