Somolians Harassing Minnesota State


   Our  states are being harrassed.

  Stand up to them.Do not back down!

  What is going on here,


  This is sorry of them to act this way.

  If the quran teaches them to act this way,

  they need to read a better book.


  Because this is wrong! anywhere.

   So they have been taught it is right to be wrong?


   If  Somali muslims have a problem with our law,

   They should not have came

    here to start with,But of

  course they came with the intentions

  of doing just what they are doing.


  We gave them a  chance to be

  good people to this nation

    Not try to cause harrassment

   & be racist to Americans.



We need  to help minnesota State!!!

what is their law doing?

You must see this news video













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